A Night in the Life . . .

it was raining when we were thereLast night, we were in Moheli Cafeteria, a neighborhood cafe a few blocks from our house. You know the type – leafy side street, tables on the sidewalk, good coffee, hip waiters, mellow vibe.  It’s a nice place for trinket vendors and street musicians to ply their trade.

One regular, an elderly gentleman, was there playing his guitar. He happens to be blind. Rather than shooing him off for bothering the customers, the staff waited for him to finish, then did an extraordinary thing. One took him gently by the arm and patiently guided him from table to table, so he could collect his pesos from the diners. 

Such is life in Coyoacan, this most charming of places.

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1 Response to A Night in the Life . . .

  1. Lovely, wonderful blog. This really is great, I get to experience Mexico vicariously through you guys! Love you both!

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